294 Students Received An Acceptance Email From Johns Hopkins In Error

Several students who were rejected just two days before, received an acceptance letter from John Hopkins University. However, according to Syracuse News on Dec. 17, they were actually rejected and this was an email error. To make matters worse, technology isn’t to blame for this email error since it was actually a human who accidentally sent the email out to approximately 294 student applicants.

When the email was sent out to these now frustrated applicants, it encouraged them to share their success in being accepted to everyone they know on social media including Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. However, once the students found out that it was an error and the email was wrong, they then went on to social media to let their frustration out.

According to the Global Post, these students were also urged to follow the others who will be in their graduating class of 2019 on Twitter, purchase the school stuff they need, and join the Facebook group for the class of 2019 to meet fellow students and faculty.

Because of this email error, many students were very happy and shared their happiness with everyone they knew on social media. However, once they found out it was an error, and a human error at that, they started using the hashtag #JHU2019 when posting their anger, frustration, and disappointment of not only not actually getting accepted to the school but to Johns Hopkins themselves for this happening.

The spokesman for the school based in Baltimore, Maryland, Dennis ‘O’Shea apologized in a statement to the students and their families for this happening. He said to them in the statement:

We sincerely apologize to the students affected and to their families. This was an unacceptable error and we are working to ensure that future communications are accurate and correctly distributed.

The school also sent their apology to the students who received the email and reconfirmed to them that they had not actually been accepted to study there.

What do you think about this situation? Do you think the person who messed this up should get punished for his or her wrong doing? Do you feel bad for the students who received the email in error? Sound off with your opinion in the comments section below and let everyone know what you think.

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