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Company Sells $4.5M Pistols Made From 4.5 Billion-Year-Old Meteorite

If you haven’t heard of Cabot Guns before, you might be hearing a lot about them soon because Reuters just reported that this high-end weapons company is selling the most expensive firearms ever made — a pair of handguns made from a meteorite that’s 4.5 billion years old. The pair seemed to be priced at a million per year the meteorite lived, totaling $4.5 million.

The guns are famously called the “Big Bang Pistol Set” and were forged from metals found in the Gibeon meteorite that fell in Nambia. This meteorite was named after the nearest town after it was discovered by an English captain named J.E. Alexander in 1836.

Rob Bianchin, the founder and president of Indiana-based Cabot Guns, shared that the guns have received a lot of attention because of their unique origin story. He mentioned, “Gibeon meteorite [metals] exhibit the most desirable crystalline pattern and are the most desired of all iron meteorites.”

I have been told by many collectors and experts that The Big Bang Pistol set are the ‘holy grail’ of collectable firearms,

Bianchin said in comments obtained by SWNS. “These will be the crown jewel of any collection — they will appeal to both firearm collectors as well as those fascinated with space and engineering.”

Aside from the pair of handguns, other items have also been forged from the Gibeon meteorite’s metals. The items include rings, bracelets, and earrings. The Big Bang Pistol Set is M1911 military-style pistols similar to weapons used in the First and Second World Wars. They’re coated with a tanned-metallic rock and the words “Widmanstätten” engraved on it.

Bianchin added, “Man has been crafting weapons since the dawn of time, it predates speech. I don’t believe anything more outrageous or complex in a pistol can trump this.”

The guns have been attracting interest from various potential buyers around the globe, including a “hedge fund billionaire, a tech mogul, an industrialist, and a royal.”

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