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Australian Senate Issues Report On Issues Surrounding Vaginal Mesh

Implanting a vaginal mesh has become a standard procedure in Australia, instead of a last resort, resulting in numerous issues for patients.  The Australian senate found that this procedure is being used on women without properly informing them of the risks involved.

The government has decided to step in after multiple women complained regarding their vaginal mesh implants, Tech Times reports. The Senate Community Affairs References Inquiries investigated the matter and released a report, stating that hundreds of women wrote to the senate to complain of pain they experienced after having a mesh implanted. These included being unable to sit or walk, and puncturing their partners with the vaginal mesh during intercourse.

The senate recommended that the mesh implant be used only as a last resort treatment for women.

The report also noted that there has been considerable concern regarding whether or not health professionals had informed patients of the possible side effects of using these devices.

In addition, the senate stated the need for an improvement in awareness in the country’s reporting system. Steps to address the issue include setting up a national register to track all implants, added surgical training for removal of the implants, and coming up with special counseling programs to help women who have suffered injuries from the procedure.

Vaginal mesh implants are devices meant to fix common complications from childbirth or menopause. The procedure is quick, but carries a list of possible complications, such as organ perforation, hemorrhage, infection, and sexual dysfunction.

Women who experience pelvic prolapse – when the pelvic floor gets stretched and is unable to support the bladder, rectum and uterus – had also used vaginal mesh devices as a treatment. However, Australian authorities banned vaginal mesh implants for pelvic prolapse in November 2017.

The Health Issues Centre in Australia began a survey in order to obtain more information and statistics on vaginal mesh use, with dozens of women providing testimonies on how vaginal mesh use has affected them.


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