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Woman Gouges Out Her Eyes While On Meth

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A young woman gouged out her own eyes with her hands while under the influence of methamphetamine, leaving her permanently blind.

Kaylee Muthart was found digging at her eyes outside a church in South Carolina on February 20. She fought off help from people who were trying to restrain her, and was eventually subdued by a team of responders. However, it turned out to be too late to restore her eyesight by the time she got medical attention, Tech Times reports.

Muthart had taken methamphetamine and started having hallucinations. In her delirium, she believed that everyone who had died was still in their graves, and in order to release the dead to go to heaven, she had to sacrifice something.

She decided to give up her eyes.

The young woman is sharing the story of what she went through and how being blind has changed her. She started out as a straight-A student and was in the National Honor Society. But when she was in 11th grade, she decided to leave school due to a heart arrhythmia and work, which she felt would destroy her academic records.

She started smoking pot recreationally at the age of 18, and began getting high regularly, leaving her with a strange Christianity where she thought she was closer to God. She realized later on that the marijuana she was smoking was laced with meth or cocaine, and began a push-pull relationship with the drug.

In August of 2017, Muthart decided to try meth, decided to quit, then went back to it. By February 2018, Muthart’s mother finally decided to commit her daughter to a rehabilitation center. But days before she was to enter the facility, Muthart took a larger dose of meth than she ever had.

It took Muthart a week to recover from her injuries, and spent a month in rehab. She remains positive about her life now, and is determined to fulfill her dream of becoming a marine biologist. She said, “It took losing my sight to get me back on the right path, but from the bottom of my heart, I’m so glad I’m here.”

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