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Three Dangerous Men Escape An Alabama Prison

A manhunt is underway in Alabama since two-o-clock AM Saturday when three very dangerous men escaped a Choctaw County Alabama prison. According to a report by USA Today posted on Dec. 14, the three men who escaped were sharing a cell in the prison when one yelled at the guard that another was sick. The guard looked through the porthole and noticed an inmate vomiting. Once he opened the cell door to check on the man, he was ambushed by them. They took his keys and his cellphone and then ran on foot out of the prison. They were believed to be picked up by a vehicle after making it one quarter of a mile away from the prison. A manhunt is underway now.

However, according to the report, the Alabama police have no leads yet to where the three men might be. All they can say right now is that these three men are very dangerous and if anyone sees them to call the police right away. Two of the men were charged with murder and the third man was in prison for armed robbery charges. Their names are Demarcus Woodward, 23-years-old who was being held in the prison for allegedly shooting and killing a work release inmate, Gemayel Culbert, 32-years-old who was being held in the Alabama prison for allegedly killing two people at a private club, and the third man who escaped is named Justin Terrell Gordon, 23-years-old who was being held in the prison for alleged armed robbery at a convenience store. All three men are being hunted now.

The guard who was ambushed and choked by the inmates was treated at a local hospital and was released.  According to a report by, the guard did fight back but the inmates became even more violent and started choking him.

If you know these men or come in contact with them, you are urged to call your local police department immediately.


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