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Doctors In India Remove Largest Brain Tumor Ever

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Doctors in India have successfully removed what is reportedly the largest brain tumor in the world from a shopkeeper in Mumbai. The enormous growth weighed 3.96 pounds.

Santla Pal was admitted to the Nair Hospital in Central Mumbai’s neurosurgery unit on February 14, where doctors operated on him for seven hours to remove the tumor that was even a bigger size than his own head, Tech Times reports. Pal had swelling on his scalp, headaches, heaviness and complete blindness in both eyes as a result of the tumor.

Trimurti Nadkarni, the neurosurgeon who led the five-member medical team that excised the tumor, said that Pal’s tumor was so large that it looked like he had two heads. Nadkarni said,

It appeared as if there are two heads mounted on top of each other. Even the scalp vessels had become tortuous and dilated.

The medical team checked medical texts, looking for other tumors of that size, and after finding none, concluded that they had removed the largest brain growth in the world to date. Nadkarni said, “We have looked up medical literature from all over the world and it is the largest to be excised successfully. Such large tumors are rare and a surgical challenge.”

The tumor had been growing on Pal’s head for three years now, and suddenly became so massive over the past year. According to doctors, the pressure that the enormous mass put on Pal’s brain caused him to lose his eyesight. The same pressure might have also caused complete paralysis and neurological damage.

In addition, around 10% of the growth was inside Pal’s skull. The tumor had protruded from his skull, and his scalp grew over it. Nadkarni said that they had to cut Pal’s scalp open to remove the tumor, and make an opening in the skull in order to excise the entire tumor resting inside.

Pal needed 11 units of blood during the entire procedure, and had to be placed on a ventilator right after. Pal’s wife said that they approached three hospitals for help, but the doctors had all told them the tumor was inoperable.

The doctors at Nair Hospital advised the couple on the risks of the surgery. As of now, the tumor was sent for biopsy and results are expected by next week.

Pal is now recovering in the hospital’s Intensive Care Unit and is in stable condition. He is hopeful that he will eventually regain his sight.

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