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Man Experienced Non-Stop Prostate Orgasms, Research Says

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A 63-year-old man made headlines when he used a butt plug and began experiencing non-stop prostate orgasms.

The unnamed man bought the pricey sex toy and inserted it into his rectum, Newsweek reports. This has led to a study looking into prostate orgasms, and researchers say there is much the world does not know about this.

Roy Jerome Levin, a researcher at the University of Sheffield, said,

The scientific study of orgasm has always been challenging. Those induced by prostate stimulation have been ignored. We have just started the journey on its discovery road.

There is very limited data for research to work with, Levin said. So he used personal accounts, like the story of the elderly man, to further understand the subject.

The man was previously healthy, Gizmodo reports. He supposedly bought the sex toy in order to ease an infection, and quickly realized he could achieve intense pleasure with it. His infection healed, but his orgasms, which he could feel throughout various parts of his body, including his penis, would not stop.

Eventually, the man got so aroused that he did not even need the butt plug anymore, as just lying down would get him to orgasm. Levin wrote, “This subject found that whilst the orgasms were extremely enjoyable at the time, he could easily spend too much time experiencing them. Further, he had an old neck injury which flared up in association with some neck spasm at orgasm whilst lying prone. It has proved difficult to stop experiencing these orgasms and ‘unwire’ himself back to normal.”

The man soon stopped having orgasms, but there remains no conclusion on how they began in the first place. Due to lack of scientific data, Levin said there is difficulty in telling just how the man’s brain was “rewired.”

Hopefully, this news will prompt scientists to look into the matter, Levin said. “Why, for an obvious example, have we still not had any brain imaging of prostate-stimulated orgasms so that we can compare them with penile orgasms? Who will lead the challenge?”

The study was published in Clinical Anatomy.

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