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A Fat Squirrel Chows Down On Neighborhood Chocolate

Photo from Pixabay

A big, obese squirrel in New Jersey was caught on camera rummaging through a holiday treat setup in front of a woman’s home, baring his sweet tooth – or teeth.

On her blog, Michele Boudreaux of Maplewood said that she usually leaves some snacks and other small gifts by her door during the holiday season for anyone making a delivery to her doorstep. But hours after she set the sweets out on Monday, all of the chocolates disappeared, Fox News reports.

The thief was also stealing the most expensive things, such as 25 squares of Ghirardelli chocolate, Boudreaux said. Surprised, as this was the first time any theft had happened, Boudreaux and her husband decided to install a surveillance camera over the treats to detect the thief.

Upon returning from a walk with their dog, the couple came home and reviewed the footage. They were stunned to see an incredibly fat squirrel stuffing itself with the goodies. Boudreaux wrote,

That’s when we spot the FATTEST squirrel. I mean, this squirrel is so obese—a jolly ol’ chap—he must be prepping for a decade of winters. Even my rat terrier dog took one look and said, ‘Nope.’

The two were not convinced that a squirrel could possibly take, much less eat that much chocolate, and kept the surveillance camera on. Eventually, they caught the critter in the act. On Wednesday morning, Boudreaux found a wrapped chocolate piece in her driveway, and even more scattered all over the yard.

She said, “This squirrel went from being the biggest jerk ever to becoming the greatest fuzzy freak I’ve ever not quite met.”

To solve the matter, Boudreaux decided to place the candy in “a jar that requires opposable thumbs.” To make peace with the furry thief, she left a bowl filled with walnuts, popcorn and pumpkin seeds out.

But the squirrel was not pleased at all. Instead of devouring his special food, Boudreaux said, “He threw all the seeds out on the porch and ate all the other stuff.” In addition, the squirrel also stole Chapstick, cough drops and some snack bars.

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