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The World’s First ‘Smart’ Condom Is Here

A company in the United Kingdom has released a first look at its “smart” condom that measures how well a man performs in bed.

The high-tech rubber is basically a Fitbit – it gathers data during intercourse and sends it to an app on the user’s smartphone, the New York Post reports. The i.Con Smart Condom looks like a small rubber bracelet, is reusable and fits all sizes, according to its makers, British Condoms.

The condom measures the number of calories its wearer burned during sex, the speed of thrusts, and how long before he ejaculates, said Adam Levers, lead engineer on the jimmy jacket.

Levers said,

It’s here and it’s beautiful. We wanted the i.Con to look refined, non-intrusive and lightweight – the finished article is nothing short of any of those things. There is absolutely no hindrance to the user and that was our main goal.

The gadget, which is stretchable and supposedly comfortable to wear, can also detect sexually transmitted diseases and is “flexible to ensure maximum comfort for all sizes.” This band is placed onto the base of the penis, paired with a normal condom for protection.

Not everyone is thrilled with the idea, with some critics faulting its intrusion to privacy. Twitter users called the product a “spy condom” and even compared it to an ankle bracelet, such as those worn by prisoners.

John Simmons, spokesperson for British Condoms, insisted that there is no danger to wearing the i.Con Smart Condom. He said, “It’s truly the next step in wearable tech and we believe we have pioneered a product that will not only bring an extra element of fun into the bedroom, but will also help indicate potential STI’s present as well as prevent condom slippage.”

The unique rubber costs $74 and will hit the market in January 2018. It is available for preorder on the company’s website.

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