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Custom-Fit Condoms Made For Guys Who Are ‘Too Big’

A common excuse among men who refuse to wear condoms is that there aren’t any that fit them – statements that tend to generate many an eye-roll or snorts of disbelief. There have been many who have debunked this, such as singer Zara Larsson who posted a photo on Instagram of her stretching a condom over her foot to her knee.

But for those who continue to insist that good old regular condoms don’t fit them, a company in Boston has come up with a solution: custom-fit condoms, Newsweek reports. Called MyONE Perfect Fit, the condoms are available in 60 different sizes, in 10 lengths and nine circumferences to cater to all demographics.

Davin Wedel, president of ONE Condoms, said,

After years of dedication and hard work, we are thrilled to announce a condom that will finally address complaints about fit. You might be able to squeeze your large hands into a size-small glove, but that doesn’t mean it will be comfortable to wear.

Condoms are classified as Class II medical devices, according to the US Food and Drug Administration. This includes some of the most common items such as pregnancy tests and automatic wheelchairs. The standard condom requirement is 6.69 inches long.

However, recent changes were made as research has found that the average erect penis is an inch shorter. According to a study on 1,661 sexually active American men, the new length is 5.57 inches.

The condoms currently available only fit 12% of men, and many complaints stated that these are too long, short, wide or tight. ONE Condoms claims that these new products will fit 9 out of 10 men. And since the condoms went on sale, various sizes have sold in a matter of hours, according to Wedel.

Wedel said, “MyONE has the potential to change people’s perception of condoms and ultimately, reduce the number of unintended pregnancies and STI occurrences.” He hopes condoms will help with public health issues. “We’re committed to bringing a smart solution to market by offering comfortable condoms at affordable pricing. In fact, we’re giving away 1 million condoms to help men find their fit.”

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