Darren Wilson, Police Officer At Center of Ferguson Shooting Resigns

Darren Wilson has resigned from his position in the Ferguson Police Department citing concern for the well-being of his fellow officers and the community of Ferguson as the reason for his decision reports The New York Times.

Wilson is the officer who shot 18-year-old Michael Brown August 9 which led to protests in Ferguson calling for Wilson to be charged will Browns murder, who was unarmed.

[quote text_size=”small” author=”– Darren Wilson ” author_title=”Resigns From Ferguson Police Dept “]

It was my hope to continue in police work, but the safety of other police officers and the community are of paramount importance to me. It is my hope that my resignation will allow the community to heal.


The Grand Jury announced on Monday that Wilson with not be charged in the case sparking protests nationwide. Wilson, who went into hiding after the shooting said in a phone interview with St. Louis Dispatch that the Ferguson police department had received threats if he continued on as an officer… he said the threats: “put the residents and police officers of the City of Ferguson at risk, which is a circumstance that I cannot allow.”

[quote text_size=”small” author=”– Darren Wilson ” author_title=”Resigns From Ferguson Police Dept”]

I’m resigning of my own free will…I’m not willing to let someone else get hurt because of me.


Some however, say that Wilson reigning makes little difference. Either it’s to little, to late or not what is needed. DeRay Mckesson a well known Ferguson protester and activist says “Darren Wilson is not in jail, as he should be…His resignation is important but not justice.”

Brown family attorney, Anthony Gray doesn’t believe that Wilson’s resignation is truly for the benefit of others, more so for his own benefit.

“It’s probably in his best interest to sever his ties with the Ferguson community, as well as the Ferguson police department,” Gray said in a statement “I think this incident has severely compromised his ability to police in the way he was paid to do by the city.”

Wilson, 28, had been on paid leave since August. Ferguson Mayor James Knowles said Sunday that Wilson will not receive a severance package and was not asked to leave but “It’s best that we continue to move on as a community…We are committed to rebuilding the city and to once again become a thriving community for economic development and residential stability.”

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