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Hire Someone To Stand In Line For You On Black Friday

Many people, some have probably already started, will be lining up at the retail stores this Friday to get their hands on those hot items for less money. Friday is Black Friday and this means getting up earlier as well as standing in long lines to get those hot items at a discount. However, according to a report posted by Time which was reported on Nov. 26, some people are just getting plain lazier by hiring others to stand in line to hold their place.

Although, according to a report by the Zanesville Times Recorder, some people have already started their shopping or are strictly shopping online, many are still heading out for those Black Friday discounts. However, if you want to hire someone to stand in line for you while you get a little extra sleep, go get something to eat, or even take a restroom break, you can find someone on the site, TaskRabbit for about $20 an hour. That’s right. If you have a little extra money to spend this year and don’t feel like standing in those long lines, other people will do it for you for the money. As if we aren’t lazy enough and now this!

Sales for Black Friday have been predicted to increase to $616.9 billion which is up from $592.7 billion from last year. With people hiring others to stand in line for them to get the best items for the best prices, will they have the extra money to spend this amount of money this year or even more?

If you plan to shop on Black Friday, will you be hiring someone to stand in line for you or will you be saving that money to get those great items instead? What do you think about this? Doesn’t this make us even lazier than we already are?

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