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Mac Or Cheese? Which Turkey Will Be Pardoned For Thanksgiving?

Since Turkey is our main course for the Thanksgiving feast, American presidents have been pardoning a Turkey every year, since the 1800s to ensure it doesn’t end up on a dinner table as the traditional main course. According to a report posted by Reuters which was posted on Nov. 26, in the running this year are Turkey’s Mac and Cheese and they are both resting comfortably at the Willard Continental Hotel knowing that neither of them will end up being eaten this year and will instead be resting comfortably for the rest of their lives at Turkey Hill in Morven Park which is the old home of a former Governor of Virginia.

According to a report posted by CBS News, the voting is happening on Twitter using the hashtags, #TeamMac and #TeamCheese. Both turkeys are males. However, according to #TeamMac, he weighs in at 47 pounds and was born in July. They call him a ‘feather shaker’ and he has a melodious gobble with a little bit of Bluegrass to it. Cheese weighs in at 49 pounds, was also born in July, is called a ‘grand champion’ and his gobble is a little bit romantic with a country twang to it, according to #TeamCheese.

The winner will be announced later this evening after the White House tally’s up all the votes at 1 PM today and the president will be announcing the winner of the pardon.

Who do you think will win out of these two huge turkeys? Will you be on Twitter voting with everyone else?

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