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Gym Offers Session That Burns Calories While Napping

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Studies have long proven that maintaining an active lifestyle or just doing daily exercises prolong a person’s life by keeping diseases and illnesses at bay.

However, a fitness center in the United Kingdom has come up with something that is seemingly the opposite of all this, but says it’s still effective enough that people lose weight: Napercise. This new form of working out lets people catch up on their sleep while burning calories, Tech Times reports.

Napercise is a one-hour session during middays, where a group class begins and ends with stretches meant to release tension. In between is uninterrupted nap time, where tired parents – and other stressed individuals – can get some much-needed shut-eye.

The gym has beds, blankets, pillows and eye masks for those who wish to avail of this regimen, so that each member is comfortable. The Napercise room has a carefully controlled temperature that is said to promote calorie burning while at rest, so there’s no need for the tired and sleepy to exert physical effort.

David Lloyd Clubs is offering this nap class in only one location, but says it may introduce the same to other fitness centers if it proves to be a success. According to the gym’s website,

[If] you’re a parent, a good night’s rest becomes even more of a luxury. So we’re created a new group class — group napping classes for exhausted mums and dads to help boost their mental and physical wellbeing.

Health experts say that taking power naps is actually a good thing for the body, as it helps the body feel refreshed. The perfect nap time should be only 20 minutes long, says, as any longer would make a person feel lethargic. The 30-minute mark is where most people begin entering the deeper stages of sleep.

But a 2015 study likewise suggests that taking a nap lasting from 45 to 60 minutes can boost retention five times over, which is excellent for those who feel sluggish. Other research even support 90-minute naps, so this Napercise just might be all that it claims to be.

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