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New Malware Called ‘Regin’ Found Infecting Computers In Many Countries

Although we are just now hearing about the so-called new Malware called, Regin, that was found infecting computers everywhere, it is possible is has been in operation and affecting many computers as early as 2008. According to a report posted by PC World which was posted on Nov. 24, this Malware might have been created to spy on people, including the Government.

According to the report Symantec stated,

Regin displays a degree of technical competence rarely seen.  Indications are that Regin is one of the main cyberespionage tools used by a nation state.

Although it has yet to hit the United States, it has been found in 10 different countries which include Saudi Arabia, Mexico, Russia, Ireland, India, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Belgium, Austria, and Iran.

According to a report posted by The Washington Post, Symantec stated on Sunday, Nov. 23, that the software,

Provides its controllers with a powerful framework for mass surveillance.

The report also stated that it is so sophisticated that is was most likely created by a ‘nation state.’

This Malware is also able to take control of cell phone towers and either listen in to calls or even reroute those calls. It can also find out where the cell phone is located.

Researchers say ‘Regin’ is so sophisticated that they have never seen anything like it before.

What do you think? Although it hasn’t hit the United States, Britain, or Israel yet, do you think it will? According to the report, these three countries have highly developed cyber espionage capabilities.

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