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Craigslist Hacked And Redirected To

Everyone has heard of Craigslist and many people are on it every single day. Not only can people find jobs on the site but they can buy different items, find a date or a roommate (although a little dangerous), and even sell their own items on the website. However, according to a report posted by Slash Gear which was posted on Nov. 24, the site was hacked so bad that it was taken completely offline on Sunday night. This must have made many people mad and upset that they couldn’t access the site last night and today.

If you happened to try to visit the site last night, it either wouldn’t load at all for you or it would direct you to another site. According to Gizmodo, the actual site most people were redirected to was and then once they got there, they were sent to a rap video on YouTube which loudly rapped some lyrics about freedom, net neutrality, and even privacy. Many people were probably very confused by this.

The Craigslist blog was updated about 8 pm Sunday night by Jim Buckmaster from the hacked site itself. He explained in the blog post saying,

The craigslist domain name service (DNS) records maintained at one of our domain registrars were compromised, diverting users to various non-craigslist sites.

Although most people were redirected to, some may have been redirected to the New York Times.  Unfortunately, the site has been down all day today because of the hack and is still down. However, now people are being redirected to a half finished video on YouTube, which talks about some type of protest on privacy and Internet neutrality.

Seems like someone is trying to get a message across about having privacy online, or something.

What do you think about this situation? Do you think this is going to hurt Craigslist by being down all day? It is a very popular website, after all and with it being down, many people are probably a little upset.

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