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Police Hunt For Wild Cat On The Loose Near Disneyland Paris

A large, wild cat is on the loose near Disneyland Paris, although it is not a tiger as originally reported.

French authorities do not know exactly what the cat is, but it has eluded more than 200 police and military personnel as it has appeared near a supermarket, crossed a highway and sent officials into high alert, the New York Post reported.

Administrative officials for the Seine-et-Marne region have said the animal is not a tiger based on analysis of the animal’s tracks by government wild animal experts.

Scores of police continue patrolling the small town of Montevrain west of Paris in search of the animal. The animal’s origins are still unknown. The Pare des Felins, a wild cat park 18 miles from the town, said none of its animals are missing, the Huffington Post reported.

[quote text_size=”small” author=”– Christiani t Robache” author_title=”Montevrain Mayor”]

All forces are mobilized to capture this animal.


The last spotting of the animal was at 8:30 am on Thursday near a parking lot in Montevrain. The wife of supermarket manager Jean-Baptiste Berdeaux said she thought it was a lynx and took a photo. Animal tracks have also been found in several areas, NBC News reported.

Both sites where the animal has been seen are just six miles from Disneyland Paris, although the theme park operator says no special precautions have been taken as the animal is not deemed a threat.

Along with at least 200 police and military officers equipped with tranquilizing guns and a trained dog still searching for the animal, dozens of police vehicles have lined the grassy region where the animal was last spotted, and a helicopter with infrared equipment has been combing the area at night.

Authorities have warned residents in Montevrain and nearby areas to stay in their vehicles and avoid walking on foot, particularly near the woods.

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