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Man Steals Phone From Dead Woman, Turns Himself In

A Brockton, Massachusetts man witnessed a woman get hit and killed by a train and then stole her cell phone. According to a report posted by The New York Daily News on Nov. 8, the man must have felt guilty because he later on turned himself into Boston police.

According to the report, the man watched the woman get hit by the train, walked over to her lifeless body, and then stole her cell phone from her. He also reportedly handed the phone over to the police.

The theft was all caught on surveillance cameras as well. The video shows him walking over to her body and taking her phone. Apparently, the phone ended up falling out of her pocket as soon as she was struck by the train and it landed on the platform. The woman was hit by a train at the Downtown Crossing Station last Thursday night.

According to a report by, the man has been identified as Josue Gonzalez and is 26-years-old. He is expected to be arraigned on Monday and will be charged with larceny.

There has been no foul play found in the woman’s death.

What do you think? Do you think the man felt guilty after stealing the phone from the dead woman and that is why he turned himself in as well as the phone? Do you think anyone else would have turned themselves in after doing something like this? It is rare for a thief to turn themselves in after stealing. However, the guilt must have really gotten to him for him to not only turn himself in but to also hand over the deceased woman’s phone. Share your opinion with everyone by posting a comment in the comments section below.

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