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Awesome Support Releases Custom Fields Extension

Awesome Support Inc., a privately held software company, has released another new add-on (EXTENSION) for their flagship Awesome Support helpdesk WordPress plugin.  The new add-on is named Custom Fields and is designed to be an additional method that users can access to customize their help desk ticket forms.

Help desks are one of the most underrated and least supported departments in most companies

a spokesman for the company said.

Anything that can help a support department do more with less is a huge value-add to the product line.  In this case, the support department users can add important additional fields to their help desk tickets without calling on the IT department or a software developer.

Some examples of fields added to a support ticket can include the model or serial number of a product or a customized list of reasons that a product is being returned.

Awesome Support: Custom Fields is the 17th extension now available for the Free Awesome Support help desk WordPress plugin.

The Fremium Business Model

Awesome Support operates using a Freemium business model.  Under this model, core software is given away for free while advanced features are created as “extensions” which some users will find useful enough to pay for.  Another alternative implementation commonly used by companies such as Redhat is one where end users pay for access to technical support.  But, Awesome Support provides both “extensions” and technical support under its fremium business model.

The core Awesome Support Help Desk and Ticketing software is given away for free to any user via the repository.

5000 Downloads and Counting

According to, the website where most users download free versions of WordPress plugins, Awesome Support has 5000 downloads with an average of 50 new ones every day.  However, it must be noted that this does not mean that there are 50 new users every day. A lot of downloads are simply people kicking the tires, re-downloading or updating their site to the latest version.

Pricing and Additional Information

The extension is available for $49.00 for a single site, $88.00 for up to 5 sites and $158.00 for unlimited sites.  The price includes support and upgrades for 1 year.  Upgrades after the first year is not mandatory but is recommended in order to keep pace with the changes that occur in the core WordPress software.

More information can be found on the Awesome Support Website.

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