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Philadelphia Woman Found Alive: Suspect Arrested

A Philadelphia woman was abducted a few days ago in her own neighborhood and it was all caught on surveillance cameras. However, according to a report posted by The Detroit News which was posted on Nov. 6, the woman has been found alive and the suspect was arrested on the spot.

Also, according to the report, the woman, Carlesha Freeland-Gaither had a lot of fight in her. According to the police, if it wouldn’t have been for her fighting her kidnapper the whole time he had her, she probably wouldn’t have been found alive. As a matter of fact, the police stated:

My understanding is, even after she was in the car and bound, she continued to struggle with this guy. She’s got a lot of fight in her.

Police want to get a statement from her but are waiting for her to recover at home. She is resting comfortably in her home in Philadelphia at the moment. Although she had some slight injuries, she is alright and resting, according to the New York Daily News.

Cinquetta Barfield said the family will make a statement to the media on Thursday evening. They have not slept since she disappeared on Sunday.

The suspect’s name is Delvin Barnes. Police got suspicious on Wednesday when they spotted a car with a broken out rear window in Jessup, Maryland. They immediately arrested Barnes as soon as he got out of the car. He is being held in custody at the suburban Baltimore County jail. He will first have a hearing in Suburban Baltimore County for being a fugitive of justice in Virginia. He is a suspect in a murder charge for using explosives, fire, and acid. However, no charges have been filed yet for the kidnapping.

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