Daylight Saving Time Ends Sunday Morning

It’s that time of year again! Time to change the clocks back an hour. Because of this, according to a report by Chron posted on Oct. 31, we will all get an extra hour of sleep because of it. Although that extra hour of sleep can help us, it will also get dark earlier now.

According to Business Insider, the exact time we need to change our clocks back an hour is by two-o-clock AM late Saturday night/early Sunday morning, November 2. Although we officially have to change the clocks back an hour no later than two in the morning/later tomorrow night, most people will be fixing their clocks before going to bed instead of waiting up for two-o-clock to come around.

Usually, the only clocks you will have to change back an hour are standard, traditional clocks that do not detect Daylight Saving Time. This is because most cell phones, computers, and all other electronic devices will automatically detect the time change and will change back on their own. However, check them anyway to make sure because you can’t always rely on technology.

Daylight Saving Time ending marks the beginning of the Holiday season that is coming upon us. Tonight is Halloween and before we know it, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and the New Year will be here.

Although we all love the Holidays, some of us don’t particularly like the cold weather that is coming soon or the shorter days that are happening right now.

What are your thoughts on Daylight Saving Time? Do you like or hate it? Let your thoughts be heard by posting your comment in the comment section. Don’t be shy! And, don’t forget to change those clocks tomorrow night!

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