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Daniel Radcliffe Can Really Bust A Rhyme


Daniel Radcliffe revealed a new talent of his on ‘The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon’ last night. Not only is he a great actor but the young man can also rap really good. According to a report posted by the Rolling Stone which was posted on Oct. 29, Fallon asked Radcliffe about his love for music when he revealed he can memorize rap lyrics and actually rap them.

As a matter of fact, Radcliffe rapped the lyrics to ‘Alphabet Aerobics’ by Blackalicious. Everyone in the audience was amazed, as well as everyone watching from home. No one knew Daniel could do this. Some people are even saying, ‘Harry Potter can bust a rhyme.’

According to Daily Digest News, not only is this rap song hard to rap at a slow speed but is extremely difficult to do at a faster speed. However, Radcliffe rapped the whole song without missing a beat. He said,

I’ve always had kind of an obsession with memorizing complicated, lyrically intricate and fast songs, I guess. It’s a disease.

While Radcliffe was rapping, Fallon stood behind him with alphabet cards and held them up as Radcliffe rapped the song without messing up one time.

The rap by Radcliffe really hit close to home to ‘The Tonight Show’ band. Before they started playing for ‘The Tonight Show’, they were a big hit in the late ninety’s along with Blackalicious. They tweeted to the their fellow rappers,

dear @realgiftofgab & @ChiefXcel make sure you and the entire @blackalicious_ fan base watches & dvr’s #FallonTonight. trust. #!!!!!!!!”

You can watch the video here to watch and listen to Harry Potter bust a rhyme.



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