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Kansas Woman Gives Birth To 3 Sets Of Twins In 26 Months

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A Kansas City woman has her hands quite full – she has given birth to three sets of twins in the last 26 months.

Danesha Couch has gone through joy and grief in that quick span of time, as she delivered one set of boys and two sets of girls, subsequently. Her first set of twins, Danarius and Desmond, was a tragedy as Desmond died shortly after he was born due to complications from the premature birth. Danarius, now two years old, is the eldest of Couch’s brood.

Following the boy are Delilah and Davina, one-year-old girls. And just last month, the third set of twins, Dalanie and Darla, were born to Couch and her fiancé, Jeffrey Pressler. The newborn girls had to spend three weeks in neonatal intensive care before they could be brought home.

The twenty-year-old Couch says she has not undergone any fertility or medical treatments, and all the twins were conceived naturally. She told Fox4KC,

People just consider me a freak of nature when I tell them.

Couch said she thought it was just a fluke when she had twins a second time. Asked why she became pregnant a third time, she simply replied, “I love babies.”

The odds of having three sets of twins are one in 88,000, according to a British report. Dr. Elizabeth Wickstrom of the Shawnee Mission Medical Center said that women of African descent, like Couch, are more likely to have successive multiple births.

The mother of five says that her only regret is her timing, but that she’s incredibly happy that she is able to get pregnant, because it isn’t possible for some women. She says her attempts to apply for benefits have been denied, and has turned to funding sources to help her growing family.

Couch and Pressler don’t intend to have any more children for the next ten years, and are planning to get married in September.


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