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‘Star Trek Beyond’ Director Reveals A Secret About The Enterprise

The USS Enterprise is, without a doubt, one of the most famous and iconic spacecrafts in science fiction, movie and television history. Appearing in not only all the Star Trek movies and television shows, the Enterprise is also either on or in every piece of merchandise the popular franchise has to offer. It is synonymous with the name Star Trek and easily recognizable, even by those who aren’t fans.

Given its pedestal in pop culture, it seems that everything about it would be public knowledge by now. But director Justin Lin sat down with Cinema Blend and confirmed a small item of interest about the ship: there are no official blueprints detailing its construction.

In an interview with Lin during the Star Trek Beyond Los Angeles press day, Eric Eisenberg said that he noted the appreciation of the way the Enterprise was filmed, in that provided a “sense of geography and layout of the spaceship.” Lin responded by saying that he had actually searched for any official blueprints of the Enterprise, also called the NCC-1701A, to no avail.

Lin said, “I thought there was some sort of official blueprint of the Enterprise. There is none. There are only ones that the fans have, through time, built just from… And so I couldn’t believe it! All these years! That’s my favorite spaceship, and it’s been part of my family, but yet, [Gene Roddenberry] didn’t know what was where. He didn’t know where the turbo lift went!”

The director then went on to point out that the fact that there are no blueprints is incredible, given the fact that Star Trek is celebrating its 50th year. Apparently, in the half century that the science fiction show has existed, no one had thought to start labeling what was what and which went where.

Lin went on to tell Eisenberg that Star Trek Beyond is the first in the series to have the Enterprise’s bridge built on a gimbal, so that the production team could actually shake the set and have the actors look like they’re flailing about. Lin didn’t tell his cast about this at first, leading to funny prank on their first day back at the helm of the ship – while the cast was talking on the bridge, Lin had the effects people shake the gimbal. He said, “Just the reaction was so cool!”

The much-anticipated Star Trek Beyond opens in theaters on Friday, July 22.

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