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Taylor Swift Grows Up And Goes Pop

Just four-years ago in 2010, Taylor Swift released her album, ‘Mean.’ Now, four-years-later, she says she is ‘all grown up and has gone pop.’ According to a report posted by The Kansas City Star, which was posted on Oct. 27, Taylor says she now has a new perspective in life. As a matter of fact, she says,

We are all getting our hearts broken, being built up, being let down, feeling disappointed, feeling joy, feeling all these emotions, but what I’ve noticed is that even when it’s the same kind of emotion that I’m feeling, I process it and feel it differently now than I used to. And I think that’s a factor of growing up, but I’m pretty proud of the way it’s gone.

All signs of her growing up come from her fifth studio album that was released today, ‘1989.’ This album, instead of being a country album, is a pop album. Not only has she gone from country music to pop but she has moved to New York City and hasn’t dated anyone in the last two years.

Along with her album being released, Taylor’s calendar is full with the media blitz of her album release. Not only did she hold two concerts in L.A last Thursday; one concert shutting down Hollywood Blvd and one concert at the Hollywood Bowl for the ‘We Can Survive’ Breast Cancer Awareness campaign. Not only this but she also stopped in on Jimmy Kimmel for a bit.

This week started out even busier with a visit to ‘Good Morning America’ where she is also going to be on Thursday. Wednesday, she will be stopping in on the ladies at ‘The View’ to have a chat about her new album and other parts of her life.

Although, no one can predict whether or not her media blitz will help make her sales get to one million during the first week but Billboard does predict that there will be 800,000 copies sold during the first week. This is a lot, especially compared to her past albums. However, she did sell one million copies of her album, ‘Red’ in 2012 as well as her album, ‘Speak Now’ which sold the same amount of copies within the same amount of time.

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