Helpful Tips When Playing Pokémon Go

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Since Pokémon Go was launched Thursday, it has created quite a storm as more and more people have taken to staring at their phones while walking around public places.

Pokémon Go is an augmented reality game for iPhone and Android smartphone users that, like the classic video game Pokémon, lets users find and capture Pokémon. There’s a particularly interesting twist on Pokémon Go though: the game uses GPS and a map so that users can find the creatures in real-world locations by viewing them through their phone cameras. There are 250 Pokémon to collect in this version.

To help the newcomers to this game, here are some tips when embarking on that Pokémon Go journey to “catch them all.”

Wear comfortable shoes, as the game involves a lot of walking. Players have taken to Twitter to express their reactions upon realizing the game has forced them to actually go out and exercise, which is always a good thing. Pokémon and Poké Spots are located in some of the most unusual places, so wear shoes that will hold up to miles of exploring.

Catching duplicate Pokémon is a good thing – catching new creatures earns candy and stardust, both of which make a player’s Pokémon stronger. Enough candy can make the Pokémon evolve into stronger, bigger characters. Duplicates that are given to the professor give more candy, so extras will always come in handy.

Visiting Poké Stops nets Balls that can capture more Pokémon or Eggs. Players can use the Eggs by putting them in incubators and seeing their own Pokémon come to life. Once the Egg is in the incubator, there’s more walking to be done to complete the birthing process.

The Incense and Lure features are effective at gathering more Pokémon. Incense attracts Pokémon to your area for 30 minutes, while Lure draws Pokémon to Poké Stops. So use those to find more of the creatures, faster.

Pokémon Go drains smartphones’ batteries. Since the screen is lit all the time, players can expect their phones to become low on battery quickly, so an external charger or extra battery should come in handy.

When capturing Pokémon, how the Ball is tossed is important. The better the flick, the more points a player earns. A green circle shrinks and expands when the player holds down the Poké Ball just before tossing it, and the wider the circle, the greater the chances of making the catch.

Keep an eye on surroundings and stay safe. While the game does require concentration, learn to look up once in a while to avoid tripping, hitting or bumping into things and people. Also, there have been a few reports of robbery and other harmful incidents while playing Pokémon Go, so players should definitely get a bearing on their environment at least every few minutes.

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