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Dogs Being Kept For Meat Rescued By Humane Society

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Nine dogs were rescued from a South Korean woman by the Lewis & Clark Humane Society.  Additionally, two dog farms near Seoul (South Korea) were closed in an operation headed by The Humane Society.  That operation resulted in the rescue of 80 dogs.

A number of groups, including Free Korea Dogs as well as Humane Society International worked with Jinoak Oh to rescue the dogs from a chicken farm who planned to sell them for meat production.

Holly Wiest, a Lewis and Clark Humane Society Volunteer said:

A chicken farmer, and he had about 20 of these dogs tethered outside of his property and when a chicken died of disease he would toss the chickens to them and that was really their only form of food and sustenance

The Humane Society is spending a lot of time and effort to end the meat trade – helping dog-meat farmers to replace their lost income if they stopped selling dogs for meat.

Nine of the Jindo-Korean breed of dogs were moved from Gin Oak Center (which is operated by Oh in South Korea ) to the Helena, Montana shelter after Oh asked for help on her web page.

The Montana shelter cleaned up the dogs and provided microchips.   The dogs do not yet understand English commands.  Still, an open house is planned on Tuesday to showcase the rescued dogs.

The executive director of the shelter, Gina Wiest stated:

And while we may have a tiny little shelter and what not and not have one of these brand new ones that we’d love to have someday at least we’re out there and we’re doing something as little as we are and that is so satisfying you know we’re really glad for that

An adoption price has not been set though it is usually around $120.00 per dog.  The price covers the cost of spaying/ neutering, vaccinations and the time spent in the shelter pending approval of the adoption.

(Story also covered by Tulsa World, Huston Chronicle and KPAX TV)


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