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Video Of Beya The Non-Swimming Dog Goes Viral

A video showing a dog who refuses to swim in a pool filled with happily paddling fellow canines has gone viral.

The video shows Beya, a 5-year-old Chesapeake Bay Retriever, adamantly clinging to her position in the middle of the pool while ignoring the excited yapping and swimming of the other dogs around her. Beya appears to be a regular visitor at the doggie daycare.

Described as “the socially awkward dog” by NDTV, Beya is a representative of all of us who remain unfazed at social gatherings, refusing to be pulled in by everyone else’s enthusiasm over something mundane.

The 40-second clip was uploaded by American dog care facility Happy Tails Resort on June 9 to their Facebook page. It has since seen 13 million views and 250,000 shares, and has generated quite a number of GIFs and memes, making Beya quite the canine celebrity.

Happy Tails Resort is an “upscale dog boarding, dog daycare and dog grooming facility” where dog owners can leave their pets to stay and relax. The facility is a large 18,000 square feet wide and features a large indoor dog pool where pooches can paddle as they wish. There are large indoor play areas for small and large dogs alike, outdoor yards and luxurious suites with custom-made beds, recessed lighting, doors with windows and piped-in music.

The dog resort promises pet owners – and the pets – a safe, happy environment. The resort was founded by Jana Underwood, a dog owner who, during her travels, could not find good boarding places for her dog. This prompted her to open Happy Tails, with the goal of creating a home-like atmosphere that would give customers a unique experience, much like Beya the Retriever seems to have had.

Happy Tails Resort is in Norfolk, Virginia and can be contacted through their website or Facebook page.

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