Dallas Man Decorates Home For Halloween With Ebola Theme

Although it still may be too soon for some since Ebola is still not under control and the latest victims of the virus are from Dallas, Texas, a Dallas man has decorated his home with an Ebola theme. According to a report posted by FOX Tampa Bay which was posted on Oct. 25, the man has decorated his yard with stacked biohazard barrels, yellow caution tape, and the man himself is even in the Halloween/Ebola spirit dressed up with a white suit labeled, ‘CDC Trainee’ and a white facemask. His door and windows are marked with white tape that say, ‘Quarantine.’

This is actually a reenactment of the scene of three different apartments in Dallas following the very first case of Ebola here in the United States. Thomas Eric Duncan was the first Ebola case in the United States when he traveled here from West Africa. After he died on Oct. 8, two of his nurses were also diagnosed with the virus. The two nurses and Duncan’s apartments were just like James Faulk’s decorations.

There’s negative people everywhere and they are going to give me grief about it but it’s all in good fun.

James Faulk told reporters. He also added a banner that reads, ‘Happy Halloween’ and also stated to reporters,

So the next step is: Let’s have fun on Halloween and scare some people in the process.

He also said it may be too soon. It probably is since both nurses are still in the hospital and many Texans are still being monitored. However, his neighbor across the street added,

It is Halloween, but it is scary because the Ebola was happening in Dallas.

She also said she wasn’t offended but can see how others might be.

What do you think? Do you think it is too soon for Ebola Halloween decorations?

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