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Chloe Grace Moretz Will Only Date Guys From Hollywood

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Chloe Grace Moretz is on the cover of the recent edition of The Edit (Net-a-Porter’s weekly digital mag) and she’s revealed a lot about her thoughts on dating while working in Hollywood. In the story aptly named ‘Girl Boss’, the young star talks about how difficult it is to date boys who already know a lot about her because of her media presence.

E News reports that Moretz told the mag that guys ‘can read your interviews and know your favorite bands, so it feels like they have all this in common with you’.

They’ve seen you in sex scenes in movies, they know what you look like crying, and they can read your interviews and know your favorite bands, so it feels like they have all this in common with you…Happens a lot. I’ll think, ‘How are we vibing so hard right now?’ Then I realize, and I don’t care anymore. I just go back to work.

Because of this unique problem, the Carrie actress has decided to only date boys who are in the same situation as her. Luckily she’s found Brooklyn Beckham, who has been in the spotlight since he was born, thanks to famous parents Victoria and David Beckham. Moretz mentioned in the interview how important family is to her, saying that the Beckhams are a ‘great family’.

They are a great family. They don’t tout their money, either.

Although the young actress has vowed to only date guys who know the ins and outs of show business, she still appreciates the everyday things, like when her brothers scare her dates. She says, her ‘brothers answer the door’ when dates come over and since ‘they’re big dudes’ they can have an intimidating presence.

My brothers answer the door and they’re like, ‘Yo.’ All four of them. And they’re big dudes—all over six-foot. It’s like, ‘You mess with [Chloë] and we will kill you.’ I love that!

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