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Baby Rescued From Rubble Three Days After Building In Kenya Collapsed

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A six-month old baby was rescued from rubble three days after a six-story residential building collapsed in Nairobi, Kenya. Emergency first responders on the ground are calling it a miracle. According to a report in Huffington Post, 23 people have so far died in the incident. 

The Kenya Red Cross released a statement saying that the baby who is named Dealeryn Saisi Wasike had been ‘buried for about 80 hours’ but had no ‘visible physical injuries’.

The child, who had been buried for about 80 hours, was found in a bucket wrapped in a blanket. She appeared dehydrated, and with no visible physical injuries.

Speaking to CNN about the dramatic rescue, the Red Cross rescue team leader and EMT Bonny Odhiambo said that they were saying ‘Go! Go! Go!’ as they rushed the child to a hospital in a rescue vehicle.

We were just holding her and saying ‘Go! Go! Go!’ I was worried that her lungs would be affected by the dust, and that she might have hypothermia as it was cold and wet down there due to the rain. But she was breathing. It’s scary, I have kids of my own, I took it like it was my own child, it was like she was my baby. I had faith that we could save her.

According to the report in CNN, the building may have collapsed due to heavy rains in the area, though the police are still unsure what the exact cause could have been. A spokesperson for the Kenya Police has said that there could have been ‘other technical reasons’ since the building was old.

It’s not a new building; it’s an old building, so hopefully the planning department is able to tell us. We don’t how how much the heavy rains could have caused the building to fall. There could be other technical reasons.

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