Phillips Exeter Academy Fires Teachers For Sexual Misconduct Involving Students

Phillips Exeter Academy
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The elite New Hampshire prep school known as Phillips Exeter Academy, which Mark Zuckerberg attended long before he founded Facebook, has fired another teacher for alleged sexual misconduct following the teacher’s admission of guilt.

The school announced on Wednesday that the recently fired teacher had admitted to having had multiple sexual encounters with a student and that the alleged sexual misconduct took place more than 20 years ago, the New York Times reports.

In March of this year, Exeter announced that it had let another teacher go, Rick Schubart, but had withheld news of the incident due to privacy concerns. The alleged sexual misconduct that resulted in the boarding school forcing out a member of their faculty took place decades ago, in the 1970s and 1980s.

Schubart was forced to resign following his admittance to sexual misconduct and was subsequently banned from the elite school’s campus following a second allegation that surfaced last year, the Associated Press reports.

As a result of the allegations of sexual misconduct levied against the school’s faculty, school officials have reportedly made an effort to reach out to organizations that provide assistance to victims of such abuses.

This effort can also help address the deep remorse many faculty, staff and alumni feel over the events that have transpired here

In a letter sent to the AP, the school’s officials noted that their effort to provide assistance to victims “can also help address the deep remorse many faculty, staff and alumni feel over the events that have transpired” at their prep school.

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