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TransCanada Pipeline Resumes Operations Post South Dakota Spill


Earlier this month a leak in the TransCanada Pipeline (TRP) was found. At first, approximately 187 gallons of oil were reported to have been spilled, but later that number increased to nearly 17,000 gallons. Despite the oil spill TransCanada reopened the pipeline while searching for the source. The company is expected to fully open the pipeline later this week.

According to CNN, the company claimed that the spill was under control and no reports of “significant impacts to the environment” were reported. There are concerns that this oil spill might contaminate local groundwater because the leak itself is underground. The company has stated that the there is “no threat to public safety”.

Reuters reported that the Keystone Pipeline carries nearly 600,000 barrels per day from Canada to the United States via South Dakota where the spill occurred. TransCanada exposed more than 100 feet of pipeline in order to inspect the spill area.

TransCanada has said that the environmental cleanup is ongoing.

The Wall Street Journal reported that approximately 400 barrels were spilled as a result of the pipeline leak. The Wall Street Journal also reported that the environmental cleanup is ongoing. TransCanada tweeted photos of their cleanup efforts:

They followed up with this statement: “Our goal for the past 65 years is zero incidents. We will apply what we learn from this incident to move us closer to that goal.” TransCanada had 119 oil spills from 2011 to 2013. CBS News reported that the company has not revealed the estimated cost of the cleanup from this most recent spill.

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