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Texas Cop Shot And Suspect Killed In Foiled Burglary Attempt

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A police officer in Austin, Texas was shot by a suspected burglar on Sunday morning while attempting to arrest the individual after a security guard observed him breaking into vehicles at the Austin City Lofts.

The suspect, who was pronounced dead at the scene, has been described as a white male in his thirties.

The wounded officer, who is in stable condition, has been on the force for 10 years. His name has not yet been released.

The incident in which the officer was shot began when a security guard noticed the suspect breaking into cars in a parking lot at the corner of Fifth Street and West Avenue. When he confronted the suspected burglar, the man took off.

While the security guard was in pursuit of the suspect, the wounded Austin police officer noticed the chase and jumped into pursuit – following the suspect in his patrol car.

When the suspect and the security guard in pursuit reached Frank and Angie’s Pizzeria located on the corner of West Sixth Street and West Avenue, the guard managed to tackle the suspect and bring him to the ground, according to Police Chief Art Acevedo.

At which point, the suspect managed to get back onto his feet before the guard tackled him yet again.

After tackling the suspect a second time, the police officer in pursuit managed to arrive at the scene. He jumped out of his patrol car and attempted to, alongside the security guard, restrain the suspect. But according to Acevedo, the suspect was extremely combative.

The officer, according to the police chief, repeatedly demanded that the suspect show him his hands but the suspect did not. Instead, he whipped out a semi-automatic pistol.

After the suspect pulled out his weapon, the security guard involved in the incident hollered “Gun!” in an attempt to convey warning, but it was too late. The suspect opened fire and the officer was struck below his vest, in his lower right abdomen, according to the police chief’s account of the incident.

The officer then returned fire and in the aftermath of the shooting, the suspect lay dead and the officer wounded.

According to Acevedo, the wounded cop is shaken up, but otherwise stable and in “good spirits”.

Acevedo offered praise to the security guard involved in the incident as he was quoted by the Austin American-Statesman as having said that “he did a phenomenal job”.

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