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Fetty Wap Dominates Charts, Spends $20K On Baby Toys

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Fetty Wap, who had pulled a Steve Jobs by refusing to accept that he is a father, has now seemingly had a change of heart. The rapper is allegedly showering money on the mother of his baby Masika, who starred in VH1’s Love and Hip Hop: Hollywood.

According to TMZ, Fetty has spent $20,000 on things for his baby, including clothes, furniture and toys. He took his baby mama shopping to Petit Tresor, a high-end store in LA that sells fancy baby things. It looks like the New Jersey born artist has come a long way since Masika had to file legal paternity documents a few months ago, when he wouldn’t acknowledge his child.

Fetty Wap can definitely afford to spend the money, as he is frequently on the Billboard Hot 100. His biggest hit till date is his debut song Trap Queen, that went platinum, and he’s continued to dominate charts. His other hits include his single 679, that was number 34 on the chart and is still streamed thousands of times a day on Spotify. His new track Jimmy Choo is also doing well, and premiered at number 67, before rising to number 65 in its second week. Jimmy Choo was first released to the public in November 2015 via Fetty’s SoundCloud account. It’s been streamed roughly 33 million times on the music platform, according to a report in Forbes, surpassing the 7 million times it was streamed on Spotify where it was officially released.

Fetty also helped fellow Hot 100 rapper Kid Ink with his single Promise PMSEY +%, that was number 92 on the chart, and got 15 million Spotify plays within a couple of months.

The Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) has only certified Trap Queen, out of all of Fetty’s music. Though according to the report in Forbes, Fetty can expect his other songs to be certified soon too, since his follow-up singles have done so well.

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