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Andrzej Zulawski Dead: Polish Filmmaker Dies At Age 75

Polish filmmaker and writer Andrzej Zulawski died on Wednesday after fighting a long battle with cancer. His death was confirmed by his son Xawery Zulawski, and the Polish Institute of Film Art. The Institute mentioned the filmmaker’s death on their website, calling him an “outstanding film director, scriptwriter and author,” according to ABC News. Meanwhile, Zulawski’s son Xawery stated on Facebook that his father was “in the terminal phase of cancer.”

Andrzej Zulawski’s body of work (13 movies and two films for Polish TV) has won him several awards including the Legion of Honor, France’s top distinction in 2002. His final film Cosmos won him the title of best director last year at a film festival in Switzerland.

Film critic Andrzej Bukowiecki has addressed Zulawski’s death, calling him a “visionary filmmaker” and  “controversial and provocative,” Seattle PI reported.

He was a visionary filmmaker, one with imagination, and one who used bold methods and effects. He was controversial and provocative.

Zulawski was formerly married to Sophie Marceau, who starred in several of his movies, including “Mad Love,” “My Nights are More Beautiful Than Your Days” and “The Blue Note.” They separated in 2011 and have a son together.

ABC News also reported that Zulawski once stated that he was happy his movies ‘don’t die’ and “continue to stimulate viewers.”  Speaking about the film Cosmos, he said it is a “metaphysical noir thriller.” The film is based on a book by Polish writer Witold Gombrowicz. The storyline follows two friends as they move to the country seeking solitude, only to be plagued by a set of seemingly random occurrences that may have frightening meanings.

As a writer himself, Zulawski was provocative and almost insulting to his subjects. In his movie Cosmos, the protagonist is portrayed as paranoid and confused. Zulawski’s characters are often portrayed by international stars including Isabelle Adjani, Sam Neil, Romy Schneider and Klaus Kinsky.

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