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Colts Linebacker Erik Walden Says Ejection and Fine is Nonsense

Indianapolis Colts linebacker Erik Walden has recently spoken out on the ejection and the hefty fine that he received during Sunday’s win over the Cincinnati Bengals. He was ejected after he made contact with an official in the second quarter of the game, which is a definite no-no. However, Walden thinks that this whole thing was blown out of proportion.

He was fined $27,562 and he is not happy about it. In fact, Walden called it ‘nonsense’ as he told the media on Wednesday. With his official fine letter in hand, he said exactly what was on his mind about the situation. He was quoted having said:

It’s an unfortunate situation. Really, I think it’s nonsense. The league made the decision. All we’ll do is appeal it and move on.

After he showed the fine letter to the interviewers, he simply said, “”Tell [commissioner] Roger [Goodell] I appreciate it.” Walden was flagged by linesmen Bruce Stritesky after he pushed the official’s hand after having words with Bengals tight end, Jermaine Gresham. He called what he did a ‘reaction.’

The NFL player says that he is pretty sure that Stritesky was not going to change his mind about the penalty, so he decided to let it go. Of course, it sounds like Walden is appealing the fine now that it has already been determined.

The interaction between the player and the linesmen looked a little confusing just by watching it but Stritesky was clearly irritated as he was trying to come between him and Gresham when the contact was made. The official quickly grabbed for that yellow flag. Walden went onto say:

I guess he had something against me. Whatever. Like I said, we’ll move forward to the Steelers. That’s the most important thing.

He will certainly be moving on as the Indianapolis Colts will be meeting up with the Steelers in Pittsburgh this Sunday. Hopefully, Erik Walden can keep himself out of trouble during this football game.

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