Flying Manhole Cover Kills Boston Teacher

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“Laugh a minute” art teacher Caitlin Clavette died on Friday when she was struck by a flying manhole cover in Boston while on her way to work at the Glover Elementary school, her employer for the last 4 years, reported the Boston Globe. The incident occurred near the O’Neill Tunnel during morning rush hour, on a stretch of highway used by approximately 100,000 drivers every day. The cover apparently became loose from a storm drain and was propelled at high speed through Clavette’s windshield on the driver’s side of the vehicle and was later found near the entrance to the tunnel. The car continued moving for a 100 feet or so before finally grinding to a stop against a barrier. One eye witness described seeing the damaged vehicle on her way home from the Airport:

The whole back of the car was blown out. It was just an awful, awful sight.

According to CBS, Boston area maintenance crews are now working to secure all manhole covers and grates within the city. However state officials were unable to offer an explanation as to how the horrific accident could have occurred. Thomas Tinlin, the state’s highway administrator, offered a message of condolence to the victim’s family and added that:

This tragedy is leading us to take several steps immediately out of an abundance of caution.

Ms Clavette was described as “gifted” and “talented” by her former employers, who emailed parents, teachers and staff to advise them of the tragic loss: “Please know that as a school system we feel the enormity of this tragedy…We know that you will join us in sending your thoughts and prayers to Caitlin’s family and friends.”

Mike Nislick, a friend of Clavette’s, told the Boston Globe that it was “an awful shame” and that he was having difficulty comprehending what had happened:

Life is unfair and this is just one of the worst things that can happen to such an amazing person.

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