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Daily Coffee Consumption Linked To Reduced Risk Of Liver Cirrhosis

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A new systematic review and meta-analysis of published evidence that was conducted by researchers with the University of Southampton in the United Kingdom has found a link between daily coffee consumption and a reduced risk of liver cirrhosis.

Cirrhosis of the liver entails chronic liver damage, particularly scarring or fibrosis of the liver, for which there is presently no cure– though treatment may help. The damage can last anywhere from years to a lifetime and often requires lab tests or imaging to properly diagnose.

While viral hepatitis B and C are common causes of cirrhosis, chronic alcoholism is the leading cause of cirrhosis in the U.S., according to the American Liver Foundation.

The U.K. researchers who recently discovered the link between regular coffee consumption and a reduced risk of liver cirrhosis also found a link between daily coffee consumption and a reduced risk of death as a result of the disease.

According to their analysis, drinking a couple of extra cups of coffee each day can reduce the risk of death from the disease by nearly 50 percent.

Dr. O.J. Kennedy with Southampton’s Faculty of Medicine, the study’s corresponding and lead author, was quoted by Medical News Today as having said in conclusion to the study’s findings that “robust clinical trials” are now needed “to investigate the wider benefits and harms of coffee so that doctors can make specific recommendations to patients.”

Dr. Kennedy also noted that popular drink made from the seeds of a tropical shrub “appeared to protect against cirrhosis” and that this finding might prove to “be an important” one for at risk patients, as it could lead to improvements in their health.

Coffee appeared to protect against cirrhosis. This could be an important finding for patients at risk of cirrhosis to help to improve their health outcomes.

The study’s findings were published in the journal Alimentary Pharmacology & Therapeutics.

A study conducted arbitrarily by the World Cancer Research Fund previously found a link between coffee consumption and a reduced risk of liver cancer in folks who consume alcohol.

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