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Melissa River’s Inherits Cash and Condo From Her Mother

Although it is still very much sad news about Joan River’s passing away, her daughter, Melissa River’s has a lot to be thankful for today. According to a report posted by Ace Showbiz, which was posted on Oct. 23, Melissa River’s is now the owner of her mother’s Upper East Side condo that is worth a whopping $35 million. Not only this, but she has inherited her mother’s money, a cool $75 million!

According to the report, Cooper, Joan’s 13-year-old grandson will also inherit something from his grandmother. However, this is no consolation of losing their mother and grandmother to something that could have been prevented.

Joan River’s passed away on Sept. 4, which was a week after her throat surgery. The results of the autopsy that were released last week stated that she died from low oxygen to the brain that caused brain damage.

Joan River’s was a comedienne as well as the co-star alongside her daughter, Melissa of ‘The Fashion Police.’ She was known for making everyone laugh from her sometimes raunchy jokes and was just so happy in life.

Although it is easy to say that Melissa will live a long happy life and can now enjoy more money and a nice condo, these things will never bring her mother back and are no consolation to losing her mother so soon. Although Joan was aging at age 81 when she passed away, she could have still lived another 10 to 15 years, maybe, if this wouldn’t have happened.

It is scary to think that if you have some kind of surgery done, you may not come out of it alive.

What do you think about the cause of Ms. River’s death? Do you think it could have been prevented? What do you think about Melissa inheriting her mother’s money and condo? Do you think she will be happier to have something to remember her mother by?

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