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Facebook’s Live Video Streaming Feature Expands

Facebook Live Video Streaming App For iPhone
Image Credit: Facebook

Facebook is rolling out its “Live Video” feature for iPhone users in the United States and in the upcoming weeks, the feature will be rolled out to the rest of the world, the company announced on Thursday.

The feature, which the company first began testing back in December of last year, allows users to stream live video through their accounts and once the stream ends, it’s posted to their Timelines where others can see it – or it can simply be deleted by its creator just like any other video.

While a live feed is being broadcast, the broadcaster can see the names of friends who are watching as well as a stream of comments that is updated in real time.

Those who find a particular broadcast interesting have the option to subscribe to the broadcast with the press of a button.

Live feeds from friends, public figures and verified Facebook Pages can be seen in the News Feed.

Those broadcasting are able to set a brief description of their stream prior to streaming.

While the feature is currently only accessible to iPhone users in the U.S., the company indicated in a statement that it’s working on incorporating the feature into its Android app. As for when Android users will be able to use the feature, the company indicated in a statement that it’ll be “soon.”

[…] we are working to bring live video to people using Android phones soon.

In order to access the feature, iPhone users need only to tap on “Update Status” and then select the “Live Video” icon to begin.

On Friday, Facebook announced a policy update that bans the private sale of guns, ammunition and gun parts on not only Facebook, but Instagram as well.

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