Hidden Safe Found In Pablo Escobar’s Miami Mansion

Safe Dial
Image Credit: Charles Dyer via Flickr

In the rubble of a Miami Beach mansion once owned by notorious Colombian drug kingpin Pablo Escobar, a locked safe has been found.

The two by two foot metal safe was discovered by the crew demolishing the deceased drug trafficker’s former property on behalf of its new owners, Chicken Kitchen founder Christian de Berdouare and his wife Jennifer Valoppi.

The Miami Herald reports that the safe was discovered at around 11:00 a.m. on Monday after the last wall of the 7,336-square-foot mansion overlooking Biscayne Bay was knocked out by excavator operator Miguel Mato. That’s when Mato “saw something gray” and realized what it was: a locked safe.

We had left one of the walls because they had to film a scene for the documentary… when I started to knock it down, a piece of rubble hit the foundation, the floor sunk and I saw it […] It was something gray. I grabbed it with the excavator’s claw, realized it was a safe and started to yell to tell them.

Berdouare was quoted by the Miami Herald as having said that the safe is not only real, but “very heavy.”

This is real. It’s still locked. It’s very, very heavy.

As for just how heavy, Mato told the Herald that he believes it could weigh as much as 700-pounds.

The Guardian reports that the home, which de Berdouare purchased for over $9 million from a private owner in 2014, was seized by the U.S. federal government in 1987.

Those wondering what the contents of the safe contain will have to wait until Valoppi finishes filming her documentary on Escobar’s connection to the property, which was once a pink four bedroom mansion with six bathrooms, a pool and a garage, according to the couple.

For now, the safe remains locked and its potential contents unknown, according to de Berdouare.

The Herald reports that authorities believe that the property was once employed in Escobar’s operations.

The safe recently discovered on the property is not the first to have reportedly been found during the demolition of the waterfront property.

According to the owners, they were previously notified by workers of another safe that had been discovered on the property. The safe was allegedly found underneath a slab of marble on the floor, but according to the owners, it was stolen within the last 30 days.

The police are reportedly investigating its disappearance.

The newly discovered safe has been locked up inside of a bank vault and the property is now under around the clock surveillance, at least until the rubble is removed.

What do you think is in the safe?

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