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Apple Watch Rumors: No March Debut For Version 2.0

Apple Watch
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While 9to5Mac previously projected a March 2016 debut for the latest Apple Watch, TechCrunch‘s Matthew Panzarino reported earlier this week that that several notions conveyed to him by various sources have him questioning a March debut.

Mr. Panzarino reportedly discussed the new smartwatch with Ben Bajarin, an analyst with Creative Strategies, who indicated that there hasn’t been any sign of movement revealed by supply chain checks that would be indicative of a new model in production, not yet anyways.

Perhaps the Apple Watch 2 won’t arrive in March, but then again, as Panzarino noted in his recent report, he “could be wrong” – the new model could arrive in March, but as far as he’s concerned, he’s “heard enough” to question rumors of a March unveiling.

As far as Panzarino is concerned, a March debut and April release would be unexpected and what is more likely, in his opinion, is a March event that is arbitrary of an Apple Watch 2.

China’s Commercial Times was cited by 9to5Mac earlier this week in a report claiming that the next-gen Apple Watch’s early production was on track to begin later this month at supplier Quanta.

Just a few months back, the Apple rumor mill was spewing the notion of a possible September 2016 release date for the new watch, which would have placed the product on a 18-month refresh cycle. But as BGR reports, the company may have come to the realization that not every product does well with an annual refresh cycle like the iPhone.

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