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Virgin Galactic Unveils New Spacesuit Prototype Designed In Collaboration With Adidas Y-3

Virgin Galactic has unveiled its new flight suits, which come as the result of a collaborative design project between the private spaceflight company and Adidas Y-3.

Adidas Y-3 is the collaborative effort between Japanese fashion designer Yohji Yamamoto and Adidas. The “Y” represents Yohji and the “3” represents the three iconic stripes in the Adidas logo.

Virgin Galactic is a private spaceflight company within Richard Branson’s Virgin Group that is focused on bringing space tourism to consumers.

Under the new agreement, Y-3 will harbor the responsibility of designing and crafting the garments to be worn by Virgin’s pilots and astronauts, the latter of which will include customers who have paid the company to tour the skies above.

The company’s new spacesuit design, which serve as a prototype for the flight-suit that the company’s space pilots will wear, ditch Virgin’s typical red, white and purple color scheme in favor of an black design. The accompanying footwear, black lace-up boots with the Virgin Galactic logo at the top of the tongue, takes a small shift away from the otherwise all-black design in favor of some light colored text and the blue Virgin Galactic logo.

Virgin Galactic’s head of design, Adam Wells, commented on the recently unveiled spacesuit in a company statement:

Our evolution into a fully-functioning spaceline presents unprecedented opportunities to create original designs in support of our unique customer experience. Together with the incredibly talented team at Y-3, we will explore the potential to create innovative apparel and accessories – both for our staff and for our pioneering customers – that is appropriately functional and fit-for-purpose, is thoughtfully and elegantly crafted, and is fulfilling and fun to wear and use. Our design teams’ shared values will doubtlessly result in the creation of some extraordinary, special and highly treasured products, and we look forward to sharing their development stories as Virgin Galactic steps closer to commercial operations

What do you think of the company’s new spacesuit prototype?

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