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Apple Registers New Car-Related Domain Names

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Three new domain names registered by Apple seem to lend credibility to rumors that the computer manufacturer may be jumping into the electric car scene.

Whois records, updated in early January, indicate that Apple registered the three domain names,,, and, in early December 2015. Though these domains are not yet active, and do not redirect to any other websites, this registration leads credence to the rumors about Project Titan.

Project Titan is supposedly the internal name given to the “Apple Car” project, around which rumors have swirled since last year. In fact, there are many other signs pointing in that direction. A number of reports indicate that Apple may have a secret teams of hundreds, recruited from companies like Samsung, Tesla, Ford, and GM, working on the electric car project. An electric motorcycle company even had to stop operations last year after much of their staff moved to Apple.

Last year, Apple had meetings which indicate they are at least testing the waters for car manufacturing. The company met with the California DMV in August to discuss regulations around self-driving vehicles, and has also had ongoing discussions with a Bay Area testing facility for such vehicles.

[The auto industry] is at an inflection point for massive change, not just evolutionary change. […] Autonomous driving becomes very much more important in a huge way in the future.

While Tim Cook, Apple’s CEO, hasn’t outright denied that the project is happening, these domain names could also be related to Apple’s car-related operating system, CarPlay. CarPlay is Apple’s in-car infotainment system, and displays information from the iPhone on the dashboard display system already found within the car. The system allows drivers to safely call and text, listen to music, and access the Apple GPS system, Maps. Many car manufacturers have already built CarPlay support into their systems, but some aftermarket in-dash systems are already available as well.

While the domain names do not redirect to information about CarPlay, it is still too early to tell if the rumors about an Apple car are true.

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