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Switch To Verizon, Get $650 Per Line And 2GB Free Data For Life

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As 2015 comes to an end, Verizon Wireless is offering a hell of a deal to prospective customers, and it might just be the beginning of a new battle between the wireless carriers. The company announced that for every line transferred to their service from a competitor, the company will pay out as much as $650 to cover early termination fees. It gets better: Verizon is also offering 2GB of free bonus data every month for life when customer selects the XL or XXL Verizon plans.

The deal of course comes with a caveat. New customers will be required to transfer their old phone number to Verizon, to trade in their old device and to buy a new one. Phones traded in need to be in “good working condition”, according to the company.

Sprint and T-Mobile have made their own attempts at luring in new customers recently. According to PC Magazine, over the past month T-Mobile offered new customers free Hulu subscriptions, while Sprint planned on cutting data plans in half. Those deals pale in comparison to an offer of $650 per line, however, which takes the battle of wireless carriers to a whole new level. A family who transfers four lines to Verizon from one of these services could be eligible to receive as much as $2,600 in the form of a prepaid card.

Verizon boasts that a majority of T-Mobile and Sprint customers returned to their service within six months of leaving, citing their superior network quality and performance as the reason.

87 percent of T-Mobile customers and 86 percent of Sprint customers who switched back to Verizon within six months of leaving Verizon said “Network quality and performance” was the number one reason they came back.

Verizon and AT&T hold the distinction of being the biggest wireless carriers in the U.S. right now at number 1 and 2 respectively. T-Mobile has been rapidly growing, surpassing Sprint to become the number 3 carrier just last August.

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