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Violent Threats Close Schools In Nashua, New Hampshire

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Just one week after a violent threat led to the closure of Los Angeles county schools, city officials in Nashua, New Hampshire have preemptively announced the closure of schools on Monday in response to yet another “threat of violence” directed at local high schools.

Superintendent Mark Conrad released a statement on the school district’s website explaining to parents, students and teachers that “a detailed threat of violence to harm students and staff” at the city’s two high schools was received, prompting school officials to cancel classes for approximately 11,500 students until Tuesday. While details about the threat were not released, Conrad emphasized it as being “specific” and indicated that several schools may have been targeted.

Conrad apologized for the inconvenience, but insisted that it was necessary to ensure the safety of all. “I do expect our schools to reopen on Tuesday. I regret any difficulties this creates for working parents but safety must remain our first priority”, he said.

Last week, Los Angeles county officials ordered the closure of its public schools following a disturbing threat received through email involving assault rifles and explosives. Police in New York City also reported a similar threat, but decided to take no action after determining it was not credible. School officials say that it’s not uncommon for “prank” threats to come in from students who want to skip class, but that these threats were unnatural in that they appeared to come from abroad.

Nashua residents are undoubtedly hoping that the threats were nothing more than the same type of pranks law enforcement officers occasionally get, commonly known as “swatting”. Swatting occurs when a serious-sounding threat is made to the police, resulting in the deployment of a SWAT team to an unsuspecting residence. Earlier this year, Lil Wayne’s Miami mansion was the target of one of these swatting pranks.

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