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Kentucky Mother Crowdfunds To Relocate Epileptic Son To CBD-Friendly State For Treatment

Cannabis contains a non-psychoactive chemical known as Cannabidiol (CBD) that has been shown to decrease the number of seizures in some epileptic children, but only a limited number of states have passed legislation approving its use in the treatment of childhood epilepsy.

A Kentucky mother of three has opened a crowdfunding campaign on GoFundMe with the goal of raising enough money to relocate her epileptic 5-year-old son, Ian Fife, to a CBD-friendly state.

Cannabidiol (CBD) might be one of numerous active cannabinoids found in cannabis, but according to a growing pile of scientific research, the non-psychoactive ingredient might be one of the most important chemicals found within marijuana. In the case of children afflicted with seizures as a result of epilepsy, children like 5-year-old Ian, CBD oil has been shown to be an effective treatment option for some children.

In a three-month trial led by Dr. Orrin Devinsky, a neurologist with New York University Langone Medical Center, researchers saw a reduction in grand mal seizure rates in the adolescent participants to the tune of approximately 50 percent.

A larger study led by Dr. Maria Roberta Cilio with UCSF Benioff Children’s Hospital in which patients were followed for a year found that while some patients improved with CBD treatment, one patient actually did worse.

The researchers behind the larger study noted that with the increase of CBD, a paralleled reduction in seizure frequency was observed.

While young Ian, who is also afflicted with autism, currently resides in a state in which legislation has been passed approving the use of CBD oil for intractable epilepsy patients–those with epilepsy uncontrolled by treatment, such as Ian–the bill passed by Kentucky Governor Steve Beshear neglected to include language to establish a production and distribution program allowing patients access to the cannabinoid compound.

The lack of such language leaves patients such as Amber Teeters’ 5-year-old son Ian without access to the medication that they have been approved to use.

No child should ever be forced to suffer from epilepsy and be denied a medication simply for the state in which they reside.

Subsequently, the 33-year-old mother of three is aiming to relocate her family to Arizona — a state in which patients not only have the right to use CBD in the treatment of epilepsy, but also one in which they have the legal access to the non-psychoactive compound shown to improve the condition of some patients.

Ian Fife

Ian Fife, 5, suffers from seizures as a result of intractable epilepsy — a condition that might be improved by the CBD treatment he lacks legal access to in the state of Kentucky.

“No child should ever be forced to suffer from epilepsy and be denied a medication simply for the state in which they reside,” Ian’s mother wrote to us an e-mail.

In order to achieve her family’s goal of relocating to the CBD-friendly state of Arizona, Teeters is hoping to raise $5,000 — money intended to help cover travel and lodging expenses, as well as any unexpected expenses that might occur during the process.

Any excess funds raised by the effort are to be directly donated to the Phoenix Children’s Hospital, Amber told us by e-mail.

The family hopes that by moving, their new homestead will provide Ian with the opportunity to undergo the potentially life-changing treatment that may allow him to live a relatively seizure free life while also bringing them close to supportive family and the Phoenix Children’s Hospital, which Amber refers to as “one of the best children’s hospitals in the country.”

Currently, Amber’s family is struggling financially to cover their month to month living expenses as Ian’s father has been unable to work as a result of his leukemia diagnosis – for which he presently takes a daily chemotherapy pill in order to stay in remission.

Those who wish to help Ian and his family with their medical relocation expenses can donate to through the GoFundMe campaign setup by the young boy’s mother.

All things willing, the family plans to move in approximately 8 to 9 months.

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