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Jill Duggar and Derek Dillard Reveal the Sex Of Their Baby

Stars of the hit show on TLC, ’19 Kids and Counting’ made their happy announcement today revealing the sex of their first born. According to a report posted by E! Online, Jill Duggar and Derek Dillard are having a boy!

Although new mom, Jill thought all along during her 18 weeks of pregnancy that she was having a girl, the couple went for Jill’s ultrasound on Saturday and found out the baby is going to be a big, healthy boy.

Jill remembers:

Oh yes, there was some screaming in the room.

Two of her sisters and one brother were in the ultrasound room when they all found out it would be a boy. Joy Duggar, 16, James Duggar, 13, and Jenna Duggar, 7, were all in the room with them. Jill also said,

I thought all along we were having a girl. Everyone made their guesses.

Although Jill thought they were having a girl, Derek said, the night before the ultrasound,

I was praying for a big, healthy baby.

Jill also says they may be having a ‘giant’ since Derek’s mom remembers that when the father-to-be was born, he wasn’t able to fit in his newborn clothes and he was already wearing a size two in shoes. Wow! What a big boy he was.

Derek is really excited to be having a boy in March as his first born. Yes, that’s right. They plan on having,

as many children as God will give us

What do the Duggar’s think of the happy couple having a boy? All of them are really excited that they are having a boy since Jill’s mom and dad and grandma guessed she would be having one.

Have the couple thought of names yet? Jill says they won’t be going with a letter theme like the Duggar’s did with their children but she says they will go with some type of theme. Maybe family names.

Here is to hoping the happy couple have a healthy baby boy in March! Congratulations to the two of them!

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