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Fake Ebola Cures Being Pushed To Sell Online

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Since the Ebola virus outbreak in West Africa and a few cases here in the United States, there has been a lot of talk about the disease. There has been a lot of people trying to cash in on the crisis as well. Now, not only do we have a TV series, Ebola themed toys, and even the idea of Ebola costumes for Halloween, but there are people trying to sell fake cures for the virus online. How far are people willing to go to make a quick buck from other people’s misery? Pretty far, according to a report posted by Kinja on Oct. 17, since there is not just one fake cure being pushed to sell online but 6 of them total.

The fake cures include a man playing violin; yes, he actually believes his violin music will cure this disease, Nano Silver; as one psychiatrist claims in her Youtube video about it, Sulphuricum Acidum; which is some type of so-called homeopathic junk, high doses of vitamin C; some doctor from a not-so-reputable website believes that if you drink a glass of orange juice, you will be completely cured from the disease, Oregano Oil and cinnamon oil; as is the claim by many conspiracy theory people on their websites, and the final cure for Ebola is; drum roll please, a homemade Ebola vaccine; that’s right, a man claims that he knows the ingredients and how to make this vaccine, actually using a sample of someone’s blood who has the disease within his ingredients. Mix all the ingredients together, put them in a vial, and you have yourself a good-old-fashioned homemade cure for Ebola!

These cures are found online and are actually trying to be sold as real cures for the deadly virus. They are fake! There is no cure for Ebola, yet!

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